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A fursona of mine that I did with these pens Sleepy bought me~~
Which I love~~
So I did this for her I made it all pretty~
Just some stupid vent I think you should expect this a lot now cause I’m really going through a lot and I don’t want to burden my friend with my stupid problems so vent
Some small vent art I did for how stressed I am.
I can’t even do good vent art so you’re just going to have to deal with this sad excuse.
You are my sunshine~
That was a lame cringey title xDD
So why did I make this?
It’s very sloppy a bit and I did it quickly but they’ll be more~

Okay so~
:iconsleepy-fox1: is a really really really great friend I have and I treasure a lot
And I really love to make things for her and I’m mad I haven’t been and we’ve had some issues together so I wanted to make her some things and upload them~

So thank you for being with me for 5 years and hopefully much more to come~
I love you and I appreciate everything you’ve ever done to me and I’m always here to help me and be here for me.
And I’ll always be here for you ;u;
You’ve been through everything with me and I can’t give up a great friend~
Meet the sass//artist
Ahhh I made this in such a short time it's not even funny xD
Here's my MTA thingy

Chibi chubby me if you can't read it I was trying my best but like I can't write very well
SOO here's if you can't read~~

In the first panel:
❤️Age: 17

❤️B-D: 30 of August

❤️I'm a junior in highschool~(Not telling you what highschool. Stalkers.)

❤️Probably a cat in disguise

❤️I have a lot of stupid blonde moments like A LOT I'm so gullible and I'm just the most blonde ever. I don't care what Sleepy tells you. I'm the biggest blonde ever xDD

❤️ Coffee, drawing, most foods(I'm really picky sorrryyy ^^;), sweaters(I have like two XD), horror(I L O V E HORROR), Conspiracy Theories(I love conspiracy theories but if you're a full out 24/7 I'm being watched by the government person. I will cut you out of my life. Sorry bab),my phone, cats, cat shirts(I HAVE LIKE 5), hentai//coughs, DE M O NS(now what I mean by this is//coughsRire), BTD(Boyfriend To Death. Play this game it is so good if you're into the horror stuff and survival also with some cuties~), clothes(I love clothes. Just they're amazing~~ yes I would love to go shopping with you if you don't mind paying~), C A T S, hoodies with animal ears or cute character designs~~, Sims( I have too many Sims games xDD)

💔Spiders(I H A VE A HUGE PH O BIA!!), depression waves(it's a huge episode of depression and it happens quite often), crying, being ignored(:iconsleepy-fox1:) I live so much off of attention you can only ignore me for an hour and then I'll be at your door like "Hey frien..just checking in. Remember I exist? QWQ;;;", my hair(oh God I hate my hair so much and my chubiness so much), I hate like almost everything about me xDDD

🍑Fun facts~
- I have unusually sharp canines I thought I was a vampire when I was younger XD
- I have a set of cat pajamas I sleep in a lot
- now on the bus I'll always get the seat with the humps I feel taller
- I believe in the paranormal a lot
- I'm more active on Tumblr
- I'm really good at puzzles~ I really love detective puzzles~~
- my eyes are so brown they look black
- I'm Christian but you'd never know unless you ask
- I'm very straight which isn't a fun fact but
- I get hit on by a lot of females and I feel so bad you're all so beautiful but I'm sorry I don't swing that way~
- I have holes in my jeans from my thicc thighs
- I'm 5ft
- my hands are very small
- my feet are very small
- I love make up
- I'm always 550% sassy (please don't be offended I'm just very sassy xDD)
- these aren't fun facts
- I breathe attention
- I'm like a cat I will bother you if you leave me alone too long xDD

That's all I can think of~~
If you want to know more and experience my personality first hand just note me on DA or if you want my Skype I'm here too~
Okay okay.
I know I know.
I've moved came back and did that two times.
I left without explanation and came back suddenly with a depressing message and now all my art is gone.
Let me explain.

Okay it started about two years ago in 2015. I started my Freshman year and I was so excited. Now what happened was more school work more stress. (I don't tell people I'm stressed I listen to you so I always had a bad habit of keeping it in let's just say I've never talked to anyone and fully told them everything that gets me stressed out) now my boyfriend at the time was getting more and more I guess suspicious and kind of very cruel by neglecting me to hang out with other female friends of his. Long story short Cassie got dumped. Now a few months later I meet another boy he's so nice and funny and we hit it off it take a bit but by the end of the school year we were a thing. Now I decided to live with mother so I moved but she said I could take him with us since she saw how happy I was. Let's just say he added more stress as soon as he left he was almost always telling me how bad of a girlfriend I was, that my depression is my fault, and that he cut himself because of me. (No he didn't cut himself he was lying cause I Skyped him the next day) Now I'm very blind and vulnerable in love. I was just ignoring these problems these fights that were always dubbed "my fault".
Which they weren't I'd be talking about how I had a bad day or if I felt bad about myself and he'd turn it around on me. This happened last year 2016. After the summer when I stopped becoming active I'm pretty sure you guys noticed. And in the end he told me he loved another girl but if she turned him down he'd just stay with me. It was a week where he'd tell me he didn't love me but sure as hell confused the f*ck out of me. But at night my heart would just be so scared and shatter. Cause he'd tell me he would ask her out. Finally the Friday came she had to move so he turned her down. I felt bad I told him I was sorry for him. And more things lead up and more things and now I've been away from my DA account also my mouse broke during November so during December I got a much better mouse. But :Sleepy-Fox1: was very kind in putting up with my sh*t and not telling me to f*ck off but staying there with me and telling me she wouldn't leave.
To that I want you to give her all your love she deserves it I love her with all my heart she is my sister. And she proved it by staying by me no matter how I acted or how bitchy I was. But today was the straw that broke the camels back. Today I woke up with my back in pain, full depression, and the longing for staying in bed all day. But I went to school. It was Hell. I've never been more depressed. And I know what it was it was me letting out my stress forcefully. Don't worry I'm currently chugging through. I'm just trying to make it through the week. And remember if you're ever depressed and need someone to talk to I'm here. I'll help I know what it's like and if I don't I'll try anyway. I love you all.  And it won't be a hiatus hiatus but just where I'm not going to post anything I'm going to work on my style and try to build everything back up and become stronger and then I'll make a new gallery. Love you guys. ^^
  • Listening to: It's Raining, Sweetheart
  • Reading: My will to live
  • Watching: Fifty Shades Of Grey
  • Playing: Sims
  • Eating: Cup O' Ramen!! Spicy~
  • Drinking: NOT TEA OF COURSE!!!


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